We invite anyone who is willing to allow Jesus to be Lord and Savior to join us.  We welcome you to come as you are because we know once you meet Jesus, you will not remain as you are.  We are a non-denominational, family oriented community church!  Come on and join is and let's GROW together!


The history of Inspirational Praise & Worship Center, Inc. is a short but powerful one. Pastor Roshell and his wife were on vacation and the Lord spoke through a prophetic word that confirmed what had been placed in his heart. The Lord said, "It's time to step out". With that word, much prayer had been given. From that moment the Lord spoke on August 5, 2006 and said that it was time - joy, favor and His love had been upon us. The ministry needed a place to meet. Favor preceded us and we were able to meet weekly at the hotel. At that time we did not have a pastor, so we prayed. Within days, the Lord spoke to Pastor (at that time Elder) Roshell to step out in faith and teach and preach the Word of God and the power of Praise & Worship.

The Spirit commanded that the ministry would be based upon the foundational teachings of the Holy Bible and Praise & Worship would be taught and expressed. Elder Roshell told his wife that we would go on in ministry and that he would lead the flock as the Lord led him. In obedience to the Holy Spirit, on August 13, 2006, the ministry began with 6 members and has since that time continued to grow. In addition to the members, people that reside in the hotel joined us for service. The workers stated that they were encouraged as they walked by and heard the Word. Some expressed that this is their "church". We purchased our first van. We have established several auxiliaries within the ministry, founded a separate community outreach entity called "Operation Unwrap A Smile", and are on the move with many more projects for the remainder of 2007 and beyond.

During the first year we had a marriage conference that impacted families and generated so much positive feedback that we are making plans for many more! Our first revival was held in June which brought forth prophecy that was manifested almost immediately thereafter.  

Our first baptism was held in the midst of a "lightning storm" because the candidate was determined to be baptized by "any means necessary". We have now added W.O.R.D. U.P.! (Women Of Restored Destiny and Unique Power) women's ministry and Men’s ministry that offer fellowship and strengthens the faith of both genders. I.P.W.C.I. was blessed on August 15, 2007 to move to 7614 N. 56th Street- Tampa, FL. We grew so fast that we moved upstairs to accommodate the growth. Due to the members laboring with the stairs, we had to seek our next location which was 1110 E. Busch Blvd. Tampa, FL. During our time there, we picked up quite a few members which caused us to have to relocate again, due to the lack of space to accommodate the growth within the ministry. We were able to go back to our previous upstairs location of 7628 N 56th St. Tampa, FL with the accommodation of an elevator lift.

During our 3rd year, we have added a Mother’s Ministry with the installation of our three mothers and licensed Missionary. We thank God for all those that have supported this ministry from its founding until today! We thank God for the Holy Spirit and we are following His leading! Over the years, God has continued to be faithful and has caused us to grow and then pruned us back. We are blessed to report that our God is an AWESOME God! Currently, we are seeking the Lord for his direction for a more permanent location for our ministry!

In 2009, we were called to the Sulphur Springs area. There we picked up more members and their families making our membership roster over 50 members strong.

We have been blessed to develop a Food Pantry, Graphic and Design ministry, New Level of Praise and Angels of Deliverance Dance Ministry. 

During our season there, we had two baptisms with over 10 members getting baptized. With our last baptism being 7 members; God’s perfect number.

We have been blessed to experience elevation of a Prophetess, Minister and Missionary in the ministry. At this time, there was also a dispersing of Olive leaves to represent the healing anointing that the Lord was placing in each individual being elevated.

We have experienced an amazing increase in our Operation Unwrap a Smile outreach ministry  being able to reach children and individuals all across the state of Florida; as well as giving out over 500 backpacks filled with supplies to children in need in 2015. 

In the last 9 years the Lord has done miraculous things in this ministry. He has shown us a tremendous amount of grace, mercy and favor. Most of all he has shown us how to love and press forward in spite of the obstacles and words placed to destroy us. He has given I.P.W.C.I one VISION and has promised to make PROVISION as we continue to do his will. He has not failed us yet. We thank God for his continued Grace and Faithfulness and we will go forward in
Jesus’ Name.

Our history is a short but powerful one!  We were founded in August 2006.  Pastor Roshell obeyed the calling of God to go forth and lead the people of God to live life abundantly by empowering them through the Word and the Power or Praise and Worship. 

We are honored to have Jesus as our special guest each service.  We have Kingdom Partners waiting to welcome you as well.  From 2006 to date we are still reporting that our God is an AWESOME GOD!